RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19394b) — NEW NEW!

Okay, here’s a new mid-week build, we’re working as fast as we can to implement all your feedback.

What’s New:

  • Snippets window is being re-designed, now support Rich text and HTML (Still work to do on this!)
  • Fixed documents not opening if you’d added a twitter handle to the project
  • Reveal Add-ons menu item now works
  • Continued improvements to the new Resources Manager (more to come)
  • Add page menu now searches the community site correctly
  • Added new publish sounds
  • Lots of other little fixes

Download RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19394b)

We still have plenty of good things in the pipeline, keep the feedback coming!

Happy Weaving!


Have you ever created a 404 page in RW but the resources don’t get loaded when the 404 url is not at the same directory level as the 404 page.

I wonder if this could be improved in Rw8. Make it possible so that assets loaddd in just that page are loaddd via the full path or URL.