RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19452b)

Hey guys,

Here’s a new build of everyone’s favourite website builder…

Download RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19452b)

What’s New in this build:

  • More UI/icon tweaks and more still to come…
  • Fixed an issue where ajax calls to other URLs within the site causes RW to switch pages when it shouldn’t! (aka loopy bug)
  • Fixed a bunch of issues relating to the new Theme Browser
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with the Snippets window
  • Fixed some issues with enabling and disabling themes
  • [DEV] Theme styles now support numerical fields.

Here’s a code snippet showing how to implement the new Theme Styles numerical field.:

As always, if you find any issues please let us know, we’re working hard on making RW8 a great release for everyone.

Happy Weaving!


P.S. Here’s a list of the bigger changes that we’ve made in RW 8 so far…

  • [NEW] New App Icon
  • [NEW] Updated and Improved many aspects of the User Interface
  • [NEW] Added new themes and example projects
  • [NEW] New Resources Browser; support for local files, folders, ftp, photos, and Unsplash
  • [NEW] Re-designed Snippets window, now supports HTML, Rich text and Search
  • [NEW] All New responsive, re-sizable, live-updating preview window!
  • [NEW] Added automatic (& manual) support for Facebook Open Graph
  • [NEW] Added an option to “Generate Social Tags” in the General settings
  • [NEW] Added support for setting a Twitter handle, this is used in the Social Graph meta tags
  • [NEW] Added support for editing .htaccess files, we also made it easy to keep revisions and roll back changes
  • [NEW] New Addons manager in the Preferences Window, inlcudes support for searching, enabling and disabling
  • [NEW] RapidWeaver no longer requires you to have a standard file type extension (perfect if you want to add your own .htaccess files or .css files using the code page type)
  • [NEW] Added an option to allow the Web server to start automatically when a project is opened
  • [NEW] Integrated the Squash engine for better image compression
  • [NEW] Re-did the add page menu making it cleaner and faster to use
  • [NEW] Site language (HTML lang) can now be chosen in the General settings
  • [NEW] Custom colours in the Theme Styles area can now be reset
  • [NEW] Default Page Icons are now used in the page list, rich icons can be switched back on via the prefs
  • [NEW] You can now right-click a theme in the addons manager to set it as the “default theme”.
  • [NEW] Updated the “HTML Code” page type, it’s now know as just “Code” and “Apply Theme” is off by default
  • [NEW] Server port can now be specified on a per project basis under “Advanced”
  • [NEW] Added alert and information on switching websites to https
  • [NEW] Added an option to enable/disable robot meta tags
  • [FIXED] Server name is more clearly shown as editable
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where SSL certificates don’t correctly present the trust window
  • [FIXED] SSH publishing now allows a pem file to be selected. Public key is now optional
  • [FIXED] Improved handling of changed files when publishing
  • [FIXED] Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • [FIXED] Blog date customisation now displays correctly
  • [FIXED] Much better handling of add-on installation
  • [FIXED] RapidWeaver will now show a warning if it has issues installing add ons (previously it failed silently)
  • [FIXED] Banners images now display correctly in Preview on blog pages
  • [FIXED] Installing and updating add-ons should now be more reliable
  • [FIXED] Removed or replaced all frameworks that relied on Carbon!
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where ajax calls to other URLs within the site causes RW to switch pages when it shouldn’t!
  • [DEV] Added a new method to allow plugins to insert code just before the closing body tag: - (NSString *)extraBodyHTML:(NSDictionary *)parameters
  • [DEV] Themes can now specify the Height and Width for the site logo
  • [DEV] Theme Styles now support slider controls
  • [DEV] Theme styles now support numerical fields
  • So many other small improvements and fixes we cannot possible list them all here.

Stacks v3.5.9 b4
When running RW8 it will no longer stop editing when the live preview window is open.

Download: http://yourhead.com/appcast/RW6/beta/Stacks3/Stacks_3.5.9b4_4146.zip
Release Notes: http://yourhead.com/appcast/RW6/beta/Stacks3/release_notes_3.5.9b4_4146


Just tested and it’s working amazingly well with the new live preview window ++

Nice work on the update!


Stacks 3.6.0 beta 1
This supports the new RW8 resources window with Unsplash linked images.
I could really use your help in testing this with some stacks that use images in interesting ways. Since these images are linked instead of locally exported they may not work in all circumstances.

To test: drop in your stack on a new page or a RW8 document. drag an unsplash image into an image drop-zone and then preview. If things look OK, then the test passes. If things fail, let me know.

I haven’t released this to the public yet – I’d like to catch at least a couple of bugs with this round of testing. Please take 5 min and give it shot.

@isaiah Just gave it a test and it works a treat, so good!

Don’t see any problems here either.

@Isaiah Ah spoke to soon…

It works great when dragging an image into a Stacks page. However, dragging a photo into an image drop-zone doesn’t work, it just snaps back like it’s not supported. This was tested with the banner component in Foundry, cc @Elixir

hmmm. weird. that’s what i was working on last night. i wonder if i goofed the release build and didn’t incorporate the last changes.

ok… going to go dig in.


OK, so I did goof and published the wrong build – oops. But there was also another code-path that lead to dead-end images not being displayed.

I think I’ve got it all straightened out now. Give this new build another go.


Okay, this works great and it’s addictive —https://www.dancounsell.com/shared/screencast_2018-06-01_10-29-01.mp4

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that’s awesome. i think people are going to really love this. and it will work with any URL that gets dragged from the resources window.

currently it doesn’t work with URLs dragged from other places, but it definitely could. there’s just not a UI for it now.

of course, this has thrown a spanner in a bunch of Stacks 4 code that was already written to do some of this – but in a kind of different way. i’m having to do a bit of re-think on that. :-/ But even though that’s a pain in the butt – i still think this is totally worth it.

but… gdpr? /* ducks and covers */

I don’t think/hope this will not be an issue. I have emailed Unsplash about GDPR. As long as they are compliant or intend to be, it will be okay… I hope.

Once I hear back, we’ll know for sure and I can put a support doc up about it when we launch RW8.

Are the images that are pulled from Unsplash the smaller sized versions of these images? I ask only because I often open images from that site that are 5,000+ px wide, or are various different DPIs.

Right now, we’re hot-linking to the medium size (I think) image from the API, so the images are often under 200kb, and around 1080px wide. We could (and might) add a preference to let the user decide on what size they want.

You will also be able to right click on an image in the browser and go to the Unsplash page.

I have attached a sample image below.

Hope that all makes sense :slight_smile:


Yep! All makes perfect sense. Didn’t realize that they had an API now. Too cool. Thanks Dan!

Yup, that’s how we’re getting and searching for photos from Unsplash. Let’s just hope they approve us now :wink:

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For hotlinking Unsplash only capture the path to the image used (so they can count views). No IP address or any personally identifiable info is captured.

The Unsplash library is such a great addition to RW!

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