RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19422b) — THE IMPORTANT THEME PREVIEW BUILD

Hey Fellow Weavers,

Here’s a new build for the weekend. We’re really focusing on polishing up what we have before adding any additional features. So please go ahead and use this build full-time. I’m finding it to be rather good!

What’s New:

  • New Preference Icons
  • More improvements for the Preview Window. You can now also spawn multiple preview windows!
  • More improvements to the Theme Chooser
  • Tweaked the theme twiddler, to make it twiddle faster.
  • Fixed a bunch of things in the Resources manager, for example you can now drag and drop images from Unsplash/Resources/FTP to the Finder.
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks.

Theme Devs: Make sure your theme thumbnails look spiffy:
We now render theme previews in the theme browser at 124x147 pixels, if you want your thumbnails to display nicely you need to make them multiples of this size. If you adhere to the original theme spec you’ll be fine, e.g. preview_large = “800x950” See below for an example of how it looks…

Download RapidWeaver 8

Download RapidWeaver 8 Dev Beta 4 (Build 19422b)

Keep the feedback coming!

Dan & Co.

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CC’ing registered devs in the hope you all get a notification that a new build has just been posted…

@barchard, @barz-stacks, @Bill, @BLTDesign, @blueballdesign, @BrandonCorlett, @CosCulture, @defligra, @Doobox, @Elixir, @el_mourabbi, @Gary, @gibo, @henkvrieselaar, @hipsterweaver, @instacks, @Isaiah, @jay, @jeremyblaze, @joeworkman, @Joost, @Lucas, @makfruit, @Marten_Claridge, @mouserworks, @MultiThemes, @nickcates, @nimblehost, @rob, @RWtuts, @tav, @weaver, @willwood, @yabdab, @yuzool

Please keep the news about RapidWeaver 8 under wraps. We’re still a way off launching yet.


Roger that, thanks for the tag @dan

So far so good.

Anything I should look at in specific?
Any chance I could get a serial number?

Yes! I was planning on requesting this… :+1:

Love that the theme drawer is gone. :clap:


Have you tried Stacks with the live preview window yet? Would be nice to get that working a little more smoothly (Stacks currently looses focus on what I’m editing when the live preview reloads) — Let me know if you need more details!

Also, just messaged you a serial :smiley: If anyone else needs one, just message me!


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How do I get multiple preview windows? I cannot figure it out…

use the little hamburger menu on the preview window

@dan Idea for a little enhancement to the “edit htaccess file” dialogue.
I tiny bit of extra UI in there somewhere, that gives the ability to inject some of the most common things people might want to have an htaccess file do, like, redirect all http to https for example.
On clicking it would simply insert 1 of the pre-defined snippets you choose to have available.


Yeah, that might be a neat addition. Can you provide a list?


Isaiah is on the money, it’s in the Hamburger menu… just like this:

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@ben should have a nice list of snippets he is showing in the video tutorials, like https redirect, authentication, … :wink:

I’ll put a list of my fav’s together when I get a few mins.

This one, though unorthodox, but because of the way RW sites can’t handle regular 404 error pages should definitely be an option…

Redirect 301 /non_existant.html /404.html
ErrorDocument 404 /non_existant.html

Because the 404.html created in RW would have all the relative links broken, This hack redirects to the 404.html and then the relative links are all good.

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Here’s a good selection of htaccess snippets: