🧐 RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 1 (Build 19519b)

Hey Guys,

So here is the latest RapidWeaver 8 build, we’re really approaching the home stretch now…

I’m hoping to open up RapidWeaver 8 to beta testers soon, so I’d advise every rw dev give this latest build a whirl and make sure your plugins, themes, and stacks are working as expected.

IMPORTANT Note for Plugin Developers: RWCodeView has significantly changed under the hood, and anyone using it in their plugin should confirm that everything still works as expected. This is due to us updating to the latest Fragaraia framework, this formed part of our work to remove all traces of carbon from RapidWeaver.

And while we’re on the subject of important things for developers to check out… @Isaiah we’ve been working hard on the Resources Browser and making sure it works with Stacks, however we’ve only managed to get so far and may a little help from your end to get it all working smoothly.

One of the main issues is, we’re now supporting Unsplash, (and Unsplash want us to hot link, not download the images) we’re passing Stacks a URL on the drag operation, and at the moment I think Stacks only deals with local images on the drop. Can you have a play with the latest build and see what you think. For more technical deets, hit up @simon and @tpbradley here.

What’s New:

  • Lots and lots of work on the new Resources browser, please test this extensively!
  • Updated the Fragaria framework, that’s used for code views
  • RWThemeBannerSupport tag in plist now respects Boolean Value
  • Fixed a cache busting issues when using multiple Google fonts
  • Fixed some issues with bland food by adding more pepper to the secret sauce
  • Fixed a crash when opening the Addons Manager in the preferences
  • Fixed a whole bunch of theme style issues
  • Theme style tags are now available to theme style css files
  • Added support for steps when using the Slider feature for theme styles (documentation coming)
  • Removed all traces of Carbon
  • A bunch of other fixes

Download RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta (Build 19519b)

We’re going to continue polishing and fixing bugs but please keep your reports and feedback coming, we take everything onboard and we cannot do this without you.


P.S. here’s a few screenshots of some of the new features, you may have missed or not yet checked out (and yes, you can now make multiple simulation/preview windows!):


I have submitted a whole bunch of detailed bugs and a handful of minor feature requests. OK, one is pretty big… being able to save groups of preview window positions.

OK, any details you can let me know @simon @tpbradley ? Do I need API info about the URL that gets passed? Or can I just take it and save it as a permanent part of the doc? Or… what?

That said, Stacks Cloud passed URLs (complex ones with JSON data and everything – it was so cool – except for the part where everyone didn’t care at all – but i digress) – but I think I can repurpose the code. Would be great to get any hints about how it’s supposed to work before I dive in. Thx.


:scream_cat: OMG

You can probably remove the PPC code now too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am lost. Is this a English term I just don’t get? :rofl:

i figures he was just testing to see who was reading the list. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought so, too :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers :beers:

hah, I can neither confirm or deny this :wink:

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What happened to the new Basic page? It’s a shame that you removed that. I thought that it was nice…

What about that notification badge on the Health Check icon? To display the number of warnings that its found for your site. That would really be a great addition.


New JS & CSS Snippet?

Really needs a keyboard shortcut for opening a new preview window… IMHO

this was in my feature requests too.

Here we go…

It’s not ready for prime time, there was too much work that needed doing to it for 8.0 — Expect it (or similar) in a future build of 8.x

Interesting idea. I tend to keep any code snippets in the “HTML Snippets”, I guess we could just change the name to “Code Snippet”?

Yup, it’s on the to-do list for 8.0 :slight_smile:

New build today or tomorrow hopefully.


Ah, I wanted to get this in, but it proved trickier than initially thought. Basically, to run the “health Check” we essentially need to export the site to check it over, so to have the Health Check live update we’d need to be doing this regularly in the background, that potentially a big overhead. There were some ways we could have “fudged it”, but it didn’t seem like a good idea. W’ve bumped the feature to a future release so we can give it more time and do it right.



I think it is a good idea to include his request about the nofollow rel tag:

Yes, we’re working on adding this to RW 8.

It would be nice to set a preference for what browser to use as my default preview browser (other than my actual default browser).

What about this… TouchBar support for previewing in a specific browser. I could add Firefox Dev, Safari Tech Preview, Canary to the touch bar and tap on it will preview the current page in that browser.

Touch bar support for the new preview windows could be nice as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. Will add it to the todo list!

Have we lost the option of setting a default theme in Preferences? I see you when you right-click in the addons / theme manager there is an option to ‘make default’ though this isn’t clickable.

And I can’t seem to add/access any local files (except Photos) with the Resources browser. Can’t drag-and-drop into it and none of the buttons are active (I have emailed about this too but mentioning here in case I am missing something obvious). It looks like all resources should be added via this new window as the drag-and-drop area in the left bar is gone.