Rapidweaver 8 - Font Awesome doesn't work anymore


I’m using Font Awesome with Rapid Weaver 7 on my website like this in a sidebar of the Future theme:

<div style="text-align: center;"><i class="fa fa-map-signs fa-3x"></i>

I have tried to migrate my Rapidweaver 7 project to version 8 and this works except all the font awesome icons :frowning:

I have created a new test page with Rapidweaver 8 and the Future Theme - same problem.


Can anyone help? Is Font Awesome no longer supported or must I use it in a different way?

Thanks for your help



class=“fa map-signs fa-3x” or
class=“fa-map-signs fa-3x

Since a few weeks ago, there was a change and I had to take the code on all my blocks of the Stack “LetterPress” (Joe Workman) by keeping only the name of the symbol: maybe a solution for you…



I haven’t checked out your site at all, but this is just a note to everyone using Font Awesome. Currently, in stacks, Font Awesome 4 is the only Font Awesome that will work. So be sure you go to that link to get the code. Font Awesome 5 is not currently supported in the Stacks Plugin, or in any of Joe Workman’s stacks. I do know there are some theme developers that have added the basic free version of Font Awesome 5 in their themes, but as far as I know, FA 5 will not work in any stacks.

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Sorry, but my Rapidweaver 7 setup was a long time ago, so I can’t remember how to setup Font Awesome :frowning: Can you please give me a hint how I have to setup Font Awesome when I have downloaded the ZIP archive?

I found a JW Stack for Font Awesome, but I don’t have this stack in my Rapidweaver 7 environment but I can use the Font Awesome icons using <i class="fa fa-map-signs fa-3x"> !!??

So, currently I’m totally confused and hope someone can help me to explain how Font Awesome has to be used using <i class="fa fa-map-signs fa-3x">

Thanks a lot!



By and large, most addons can seamlessly cope perfectly fine with handling either Font Awesome 4 or Font Awesome 5 icons. The markup and names of the font files are significantly different between 4 and 5, so the chances of conflicts or breakage are limited. Font Awesome 5 is the future and a growing number of addons are already being updated to use Font Awesome 5. With so many new icon designs and various other improvements, there are some great benefits of using Font Awesome 5 in websites today and version 5 has already been available for several months; giving developers ample time to test and update their addons.

For webpages that do not include Font Awesome 5 already, you can go to their website and click the ‘how to use’ link. There you will see a code snippet like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.3.1/css/all.css" integrity="sha384-mzrmE5qonljUremFsqc01SB46JvROS7bZs3IO2EmfFsd15uHvIt+Y8vEf7N7fWAU" crossorigin="anonymous">

Copy and paste this into your RapidWeaver Page Inspector > HTML > Custom Header box.

You do not need to download or install any Font Awesome 5 files, unless you wish to host the icons yourself.

Then wherever you want to use Font Awesome 5 icons in your webpage, use the simple HTML code snippets available for every unique icon design like this:

<i class="fas fa-star"></i>

Sure, multiple versions of Font Awesome in the same webpage is not ideal from an efficiency standpoint. But the markup and font file names for version 4 and version 5 are different, so you should not encounter any problems with your newly added icons conflicting with existing ones that might be in the page already.


Hi Will,

Thanks a lot for the useful information - now I’m back on the road :slight_smile:
I was able to integrate Font Awesome using the above snippet in the HEAD of my Rapidweaver pages.



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