Rapidweaver 8 - Galleries not displaying

I have just opened my website to find that all my galleries and individual page google maps are not displaying. They are not displaying on my desktop or my mobile.
In Rapidweaver 8 - I can see the images in my stacks however as soon as I change to view mode they disappear.
I am using Strata Theme and have updated to Rapidweaver 8.1.7

My other sites (same theme and layout) that are still using Rapidweaver 7 are all displaying normally,

Any help would be great


Can you provide a link?


Hi Rob, thanks for contacting me my site with the problem is


I have many property pages on this site see link below


all the images and the maps have disappeared from these pages

My other site Is still using Rapidweaver 7 and is displaying correctly

its the same layout ( minus the maps) and still displaying the photos ok


Also I had put an anchor at the top of each of the main landing pages, the button says " see all properties"
this isworking in RW7 site and not RW8



Not sure if the maps is a separate issue

I think Ive worked it out.

Update from Joe workman Image Gallery seems to have caused the problem.
Looks like I need to go through every page and replace with the new updated Image Gallery. As soon as I take the old one away the Map starts to work on the page too. So it must be conflicting somehow with it,
Thanks for your help!
A long couple of days ahead for me :frowning: :frowning:

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