🤓 RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 2 (Build 19551b)


Lots of great new things in this build. Check the release notes (and screenshots) for hints as to what’s new:

  • Added a new “Web Icons” area under “Settings” in the source list, and yes we offer to auto generate where possible :slight_smile:
  • Lots more improvements to the Media Browser, and still more to come, this is one beast of a feature…
  • You can now save and load your own Simulate window layouts, this is totally rad!
  • Pressing the “simulate” toolbar button will now hide/show the simulate window(s)
  • Fixed “Simulate” menu names, and added keyboard shortcuts for showing simulate windows and opening a new one
  • Fixed some major issues with window placement and size restoration.
  • Fixed a ton of dem orrible bugz, like da good peoples we is!

Download RapidWeaver 8 Private beta 2

We’re going to continue polishing and fixing bugs but please keep your reports and feedback coming, we take everything onboard and we cannot do this without you.


New fav icon feature (there’s a bit of a bug on closing the window, we’re working on that for the next beta):

Unsplash integration with the latest Stacks Beta:


:star_struck: this is amazing. you guys are killing it with this version.

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Very cool stuff!!!

Food for thought… I know that you shelved the new Basic page plugin until more kinks could be worked out, maybe for 8.1. But I think that having this in 8.0 release will give the release A LOT more fanfare. From my testing it was basic but seemed to work. What if you were to have it in the 8.0 build with a BETA tag on it. I think that users will understand that its something big and needs a lot more real world testing.

I personally won’t be using that page much since I am obviously a heavy Stacks user. This is true of most heavy RapidWeaver users. However, just having this in the release build really make it look like Realmac put a shit ton into this release. I am not trying to belittle what has been done. I think its amazing. However, having a new page type would really be the cherry on top and silence any sort of negative feedback that any user could say about this release.

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I concur on this. I think the Basic Page would be a really good benefit for 8.0.