RapidWeaver 8 won't recognize Stacks 4

I’ve installed RapidWeaver 8 into my new computer. I copied my Stacks 4 from my old computer and installed it but when I open a project I get the following message. The Stacks plugin is missing Try searching for it in our plugin catalog on the RapidWeaver Community website and redownloading it. It has a link but I can’t find where to redownload.

You can download Stacks 4 again from the product page here;


Install it, and then use your serial number to activate it.

Edit; do relaunch RW after installation/reinstall.

That almost worked but because I bought the upgrade, after I entered the serial number from my receipt for Stacks 4, it then asked for the serial number from Stacks 3 and I can’t seem to find that. I must have deleted that receipt from my email.

You can recover your lost serial number by going here;


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I just saw on the website where I can find my order history!
Thanks so much Rick!!


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