RapidWeaver 9 Wishlist, what do you want to see?

I know it’s late in the process but here are some suggestions:

  • Try and Maintain Older OS compatibility.


  • Back during the early RW8 days you had (by accident), you had a switch view widget. That would allow you to change the view widget(list, column, etc.). You (@dan) said:

    Expect something to help with this in future builds, but for now, forget you ever saw this.

    Can we expect that with RW9?

  • Can you add the ability to right-click on a resource or folder in resources and publish them individually like we can with pages?

Theme ToolTips

  • Could you add the ability for theme developers to add tooltips to the pList for these fields. Similar to stacks


  • An option to use Markdown instead of styled text in the sidebar area.
  • Perhaps a sitewide sidebar, similar to Banners, if you don’t have a page level sidebar than use the sitewide one.


  • Bigger footer area and allow an option to use Markdown instead of styled text.


  • Could you add the ability to the link dialog to add an anchor point to an internal page?

Page types

  • Perhaps add a Columns page, an improvement to the photo gallery to include other Media types.
  • The Blog always could be helped like Markdown or styled text option.

Theme Tray

  • Can we have the ability to enlarge the size (drag on the corner)
  • can we also have some order (like alphabetical) for the dropdown:

Addons Order:


  • The official manual is still RW7