Rapidweaver 8 feature request

(Rob Beattie) #1

Just a small one but I don’t remember seeing it suggested anywhere before.

Can we have an iOS-style indicator to let us know when a project includes notes? I’ve really started to use this feature to keep track of things that need doing and often use it as an ad hoc to do list.



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(Rod Hewitt) #3

Auto save option. Since High Sierra only after sleep mode, my Mac occasionally locks up and starts slowly beeping. It would be wonderful if changes were automatically saved because I’ve lost quite a lot of typing in Rapid Weaver due of this.

(Dan) #4

Yup good suggestions, it’s on the list for rw8!


(Dan) #5

Do keep the suggestions coming, it’s good to know what you guys are currently wanting/missing from RW!

(Paul Rowe) #6

Improving service support would be a great start - not receiving feedback on reported crashing issues does not endear me to Realmac support staff

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

This would be nice and since you have a dark mode for code already, it shouldn’t be too hard.

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #9

Was my thinking also! Would be really really nice… :+1: And thanks for pushing it in here…

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #10

There’s a whole thread on a Spectrum.chat about Sketch with some guys building a plug-in to do this to Sketch app :+1: Here’s inspiration.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #11

@isaiah and a Stacks Edit dark mode too :wink:

(Doug Bennett) #12

How about some of the stuff that was requested in RW7 that didn’t make it:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

Here is another one: ❔What do you want to see in RapidWeaver 8 and beyond?

(Jan Fuellemann) #14

What I think are the two most important issues:

a) up-to-date SEO compatibility. Give us an easy way to make our site brilliant for SEO. Like this SEO plugins for WordPress.

b) compliance to Google in terms PageSpeed: Go to https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and make sure all settings like compression, etc. are supported by default. So we do not have to hassle too much with htaccess etc.

(Gary) #15

My top five would be:

  1. Live preview in multi device sized windows - “live” as in no delay *
  2. Speed in load, edit, publish and page preview *
  3. Implementation of warehoused images with a visual media manager showing local and remote images *
  4. Inbuilt multiple CMS solutions requiring little to no configuration from the user *
  5. Integration with 3rd party FTPs to avoid using the RW FTP

* - just like Blocs App

(NeilUK) #16

If Blocs already has all the features you need, why not just switch to Blocs?

(Mathew Mitchell) #17

I don’t think Gary is saying Blocks has all the features he needs. Just that it has some key features that he wish RW also had. There’s still lots to like about RW, but he is pointing out some very useful additions to the RW toolkit and feature set.

(Mathew Mitchell) #18

I like this list a lot.

I’d especially like better support for warehoused images. And a way to drag/drop SVG images into a “well” just like one can with various image stacks that currently only support JPG and PNG.

The integration with CMS tools could really be a time-saver for some folks (and a pull-out-your-hair saver as well).

(Gary) #19

@NeilUK You have taken my comment the wrong way. Those features are well implemented in Blocs and elsewhere, and a lot can be learnt by going in those same directions using a more integrated UI that is visual instead of current text based approach. For example, Blocs implements 4 different CMS solutions in the main App. So if you have a paragraph of text on a page, you can select that to be PulseCMS or the free October CMS, text - pure ease of use brilliance.

A further example, is there is a Blocs video showing the new remote media manager where warehoused images can be browsed visually, dragged into Blocs and then there are 3 different sized windows for 3 different device sizes, that update instantly. Contrast that with what RW users have to do just to use warehoused images even when they have added Stacks and and bought a warehouse image capable add-on.

Dan asked for suggestions so that video shows exactly what RW8 should have, shows how to do it and proves that it can be done.

I want RW to succeed just as much as anyone, but I am concerned that new users who are needed to fuel the future of RW, will not see RW as the best solution.

(Bob Afifi) #20

Hi Gary,
Where is this Blocs App you speak of? I don’t see it on https://rapidweavercommunity.com/search?query=blocs


(Doug Bennett) #21

Blocsapp is a competitor of rapidweaver so you won’t find it listed in the community form.

(Gary) #22

That is probably the least likely place to find it, as it is a standalone App that is nothing to do with RW. Google Blocs App.

So back to this important Feature Request for RW8 topic…