RapidWeaver Add-On For Secure RTMP Video Streaming?

Is there a RapidWeaver add-on to build a RTMP video stream portal with a secure login? In other words, to view the streaming RTMP video the audience would have to login with secure passwords. Is there anything like this available?

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Hi Howard and welcome to the forums…

I have not seen a plugin or stack that works with RTMP, however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable by code injection on your page using HTML and js…

Here are a couple of good resources I found on the web…

video.js Blog

RTMP Flowplayer

Hope that helps

RTMP media streaming typically requires a server to handle the streaming itself, which is outside the reach of what RapidWeaver can control. If you’ve got the server setup going, a password-protected page with the video embedded for streaming might work well. There’s Lockdown and PageLok (two examples) that might help with this!


Thanks for the suggestions.

     I am interested in embedding an RTMP player on a RapidWeaver page.  Please refer to this site: 


There is code that would embed the player on the site.  The objective would be to have this player on a RapidWeaver page so that I could stream a live broadcast from the player.  I just don't know exactly how I do this in RapidWeaver.  Where to put the code. 

This particular streaming service looks like a great way to bring secure live broadcasts into one’s site.  It's a lot more affordable than other services I've seen.

Many thanks!

Howard Brodsky