No "search-results" on the new Addon-site with "return"?


Your new addon-site looks really great!!!
And using it with the given “filters” and “tags” also works great. :slight_smile:

But why can´t I use “return” after typing a search word in the “search field” (as before)???
Here this does not work - I get no raction on “return” and no result-list shown after pressing “return”. :frowning:

I can only us it with the then “proposed random words”.
But that often does not help to find the right stacks for me.

Right now there is only the inline autocomplete search results — I hope to add a full search results page sometime this week :slight_smile:

The new search page has just gone live - type into the search box and hit return :slight_smile:



GREAT!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your info! :slight_smile:

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