Rapidweaver application dissappeared

Subject says it all.
It was open last night and was working on Rapidweaver. Put mac to sleep.
This morning I can’t log in to my mac using the password. And the application is missing from my applications folder.
My main user account where I had my Rapidweaver installed has a password bug and I cannot access it (managed, mobile account and I’m out of the office so can’t change it!!)
I am logged in as root, and rapidweaver requests my licence key again along with my email, as below. But will not authorize.
Downloaded again but won’t accept
my licence key on new user folder.
Very grateful for any help.

Suggest trying to get back to being able to log in as yourself (not root); that ought to clear things up. If you have enable root, you will be able to change the password for yourself. Good luck!

Ok thanks
I wish I could but it’s a managed mobile account and I can only do this with a network connection or a complicated VPN

Never mind
If I have any problems once the password issue is resolved I’ll come back to you



Julian Ritchie
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