Rapidweaver software dissapearded from my Macbook

(Arjan van den Oever) #1


I have a very strange problem with my Rapidweaver software as it seems to have dissapeared from my MacBook. As I write this down I admit that this problem sounds a bit ridiculous, but unfortunately it’s the truth.

I have made with RapidWeaversoftware the following website: www.bandlef.com.
This site is still visible.
I don’t make many changes to it, so I don’t use the software to make changes very often.

Now I want to make changes to the site and I want to make a new site, I discover the software has gone!

Does anybody know what the problem might be and how this might have occurred?

And, even more important, does anybody know a way how I can solve this problem?

Hope to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Arjan van den Oever
The Netherlands

(michael m.) #2

You can download the RapidWeaver version you have used here:

If you haven’t deleted any preference files when getting lost the app file there should be no problem to use RapidWeaver as before

(Arjan van den Oever) #3

Thanks Michael,

I’m gonna try that!

(Arjan van den Oever) #4

I have got the software again!

Thank you very much for helping me with this.

Do you have any idea how the software might have disappeared?

(Arjan van den Oever) #5

Hi Michael,

Thanks for helping me with getting back my software on my Macbook again!

May I ask you one more thing?
Unfortunately now the preview flashes. (I never had this before)

Do you know what causes this problem and how to solve it?

I hope this problem can be solved easily and that you can help me solve this problem too.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best wishes,


(michael m.) #6

What version of RapidWeaver and what OS do you use?

(Arjan van den Oever) #7

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply!

I use Rapidweaver 6.4 and macOSMojave, version 10.14.6.

Do you think I use a too high version?

(Doug Bennett) #8

Preview in RW6 stopped working with MacOS High Sierra (10.13). I think if I remember the work around folks used was to preview in your browser or of course upgrade Rapidweaver.

(michael m.) #9

You should update to RapidWeaver 8. Version 6 will not work on 10.14

(Arjan van den Oever) #10

Thanks again Michael!

(Arjan van den Oever) #11

Thanks, Im gonna try to update!