Rapidweaver 8.5.1 - Multiple issues

Hi all, well, apparently I’m not alone with 8.5.1 problems. That said, I didn’t see any quite like the problems I am plagued with.

Yes, I have the same “plugin not found” issue on boot. In my case it is for Rapidblog.

Bigger problems I am seeing:

Most of the time I cannot get a page to go into Edit mode. When I click a page in Edit mode, after a long pause I see the preview mode instead. No way to get in and edit most of my pages.

I imagine this is related to the EDIT PAGE problem, but when I click to open the Simulate window, it opens but it is filled with warning code and errors. The most obvious line being “No such file or directory…”

– Many of my pages will hang while trying to open, and I get nothing but a white screen. Sometimes the page will eventually open but in Preview mode, even though the edit mode is chosen.
– Each time I re-open Rapidweaver, a different number of pages are flagged as changed. At first it was all pages, but now it is totally random with (on average) about a quarter of my site being flagged as changed and needing to be sync’d.


  • Rapidweaver 8.4.x operated as expected. 8.5.1 does not.
  • I updated Stacks to the latest version. Stacks is used throughout the site.
  • Forced to update a few third party plug-ins. These plug-ins are not used in the site.
  • Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3
  • Late 2012 iMac

Here is the error I am seeing on SOME pages when I try to to into the Simulate window…
Warning : file_get_contents(/private/var/folders/jd/69spd2n957100kl8z5jz6vpw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/1292/document-0x7fd5a1583af0/RWDocumentPagePreview/vidgal/vidgal/aerialvideo.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Applications/RapidWeaver 8.app/Contents/Resources/RWWebServerLaunch.php on line 178

Again, this problem did not exist prior to 8.5.1

Have you tried to update RapidBlog? I stopped using it while ago but @isaiah will be able to advise if it’s still being developed, what the current version is and how to update it.

Once you’ve done that, do you experience these problems on an existing project?

If so, what happens when you start a new project?


We took over RapidBlog from LogHound about 5(?) years ago. But a number of simultaneous challenges forced us to make the tough decision to let RapidBlog die. macOS changing php versions, changes in Pear a library that RapidBlog uses, and changes in RW. Continuing to develop RapidBlog would have required a substantial rewrite and for just a few users. We do still support a number of the other LogHound plugins. They aren’t profitable – but they also don’t cost too much to keep supporting.

There is another developer who took the RapidBlog php and built a stack around it. It’s quite nice. I’d recommend moving to that.

I could not find it immediately, but if you search the forum and the RW Community site where new stacks are listed I’m sure it will turn up.

As for the other error – it looks like there’s a php problem – something to do with Catalina and the RW preview server. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about either of those bits so I’ll leave that to @tpbradley or some other RW support folks.


The stack that Isaiah is referring to is here - https://marc.vos.net/downloads/blogspot-stack/

I’m currently using it on a couple of websites and it’s working well. It was a bit of a life saver, to be honest.


thanks @robbeattie – i’ve saved the link :+1: glad to hear it’s working out. Marc asked if he could take over that Php and it seemed like a good way to help folks keep their sites going so we just passed it on to him.

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