"RapidWeaver cannot open files in the “RapidWeaver Project” format."

I can’t open my site built in Rapidweaver 7. The error message reads: “The document “current web site” could not be opened. RapidWeaver cannot open files in the “RapidWeaver Project” format.”
This happened after I copied a picture from RapidWeaver 5 into the site and successfully saved and uploaded it.
Any ideas?

Could you - in an emergency - open the last backup you had of the file before you started to get this message?

Then save a copy with a name indicating that it is a copy, e.g. safecopy_current-web-site.rw and take it from there.

You didn’t by any chance change the project’s name, did you? I think RW copes well with spaces. But could it be having trouble with a file name: 'current '?

How exactly did you copy the image; is it possible that doing so may have changed the format?

Is this relevant?

How did you do that?

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