RapidWeaver continually requesting to connect to local network server when it’s already mounted

(Dan Thomas) #1

All my work files live an a networked iMac running OSX server.

Recently, when working on a site with RapidWeaver, a pop-up appears asking for name and password to connect to the server (which is already connected).

Entering the password just results in the same window re-appearing after about 1 minute of a spinner appearing in the pop-up (as liked below).

Clicking Cancel just results in the window popping up again a second later.

Presumably RapidWeaver is trying to relink files in the open site with the server, but its already connected. I have tried mounted the server using both smb and afp (whatever that means) (even at the same time) but the problem persists making the use of RapidWeaver impossible.

I have saved the RapidWeaver file onto my local drive but the problem persists. Help!


(Dan Thomas) #2

Have tried disabling all third party themes and plugins but still the problem continues…

(Graham Langley) #3

I also have this problem.
It only happens with one project.
The file demands a connection to a mount point but cannot resolve it.
Repeated messages of this type - 36 or more.
Seems to be triggered by a save or preview command.
I have retrieved earlier versions of the site file, made copies, to no avail.

Are these messages real, or is the file corrupt?

Any help would be appreciated.

(Dan Thomas) #4

A restart and repair in recovery mode seems to have fixed it. The problem comes and goes so can’t nail down what causes the problem…

(Graham Langley) #5

Hi Dan,
I’ve had some success with our problem. It seems that I accidentally put some pdfs into the Resources (Assets) portion of the site that were located on our server. Normally this wouldn’t bother Rapidweaver, but a recent Apple security update seems to have removed some of our ‘shortcut’ server user names.
These shortcut usernames are a legacy part of Users & Groups behaviour on the OS Server.

Because my particular RW site has been around for some years, once these usernames were removed, the server kept sending a ‘don’t know this user’ kind of message which said a particular mount point was unavailable - every time it tried to locate a pdf file. Does this make sense?

In short, by deleting whole folders full of pdfs from the site’s Resources, I was able to gain control over the site file once more.
After copying the pdfs to the local hard drive and reinstating the pdfs, I was able to re-link them to their places within the site.

Tedious, but apparently necessary. Blew a good deal of the weekend.

The site file has behaved itself since and I can edit pages and upload them fine.

So, not Rapidweaver’s fault really. Poor organisation on my part left the door open for this trap.

Maybe this will give you a clue to your problem.


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(René Schaap) #6

I had a sudden similar problem here on one Website.
It was indeed the Resources that gave the problem, i think i choose a picture from an on my network connected computer.
This computer was not available when i started the website again for an update some months later.

Rapidweaver 6.xx kept asking for this computer, i could not acces the website anymore to do changes.

So i did a search into the Content of the Rapidweaver file of this website.
In the ROOT folder you find a file named Contents.plist.
Over there you can find your Resources code.
I changed the whole “code for a Resource” by copy another onto to it in which i know for sure was good:

** document**
** fullPath**
** /• Productions/Website-BlaBla Bla/images/BlaBlaBla-Banner201702.jpg**
** identifier**
** F9AECCDC-2C6B-4CB4-A457-906C76172A19**
** **
** **
** bookmarkData**
** **
** AM9lFcqyWagpJl3EN10S**
** pHBFqCJIuQS2zO5OrIWe**
** IFByb2R1Y3Rpb25zABUA**
** AAA…**
** **

After restarting it gave a minor error, could not find a resource.
By relinking it it functioned again like before.