Stuck looking for remote server

I am running on the latest version of RapidWeaver.When I open a specific web project file, the file opens in RapidWeaver, then launches into an endless loop that makes the project unusable.

The project keeps trying to open a network file share and open some file. It does not tell me what file, it only sends up a pop dialog box saying "There was a problem connecting to the server “XXXXXX”. This happens about 20 times (so far), about 1 minute apart, and so my project is totally unedit-able during this time.

Sadly, that server no longer exists, so there is no way for me to mount it, and I don’t see anything in RW that tells me what file it is looking for, or how to stop it from looking.

Note: the local file server is not the same as our FTP and Web Server, which is located remotely.

Can anyone advise how to disconnect this project from the old server?