RapidWeaver want to use your confidential information in your keychain

Got this pop up today when I load RW7

Is this something I need to be concern about? Never had it happen to me before

Seem to be related to publish password for ftp maybe? Never had it to ask me during loading of RW . But during when I publish a site

I think it’s for the ftp password. I hope so. I have clicked it and said yes!


I think you are right about it for ftp password but it the first time that RW asked me when I first open it.

Normally, it would ask me this when I first publish a site.

I get that a fair bit. I think it is OSX/Keychain related (not Rapidweaver related). I mostly just get it now when I’m logging into my Yummy FTP app, not so much for RW. For me, I need to put in the password for my Mac user account (not an FTP or project specific one).

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