RW7.0.1 creating multiple folders on save

Hi all,

Every time I save my site RW7.0.1 creates a new folder in the location I have my document. I thought it was because I had Autosaves and Versions checked, but I unchecked it and it’s still doing it. When I first noticed it I had 70+ folders. I can delete them but they come back.


Hi @mikehartman,

I wonder if it’s Dropbox getting confused. Can you try just saving your project locally to your Mac (e.g. Not in a DropBox Folder). Let me know if you still see the issue after that.

Could you also send your project file to and reference this thread.


I am using the new 8.0 and having the same issue in 2020. I save everything locally on my desktop and about 30 folders have been added and I didn’t notice until recently.
Was this issue ever resolved?