Rapidweaver web designer required for Suffolk, UK

(Hedley Wright) #1

I hope it’s ok to put this request out. I’m retiring from web design and have a client (an IT support business) who is looking for someone to take on maintenance of some existing sites (designed with Rapidweaver) and new projects. He is looking for someone based in Suffolk to enable face to face meetings with clients.

(Paul Moore) #2

Hello I live in Suffolk and may be able to help

(LJ) #3

Not in Suffolk but have over 60 hosted UK clients split roughly 40 Rapidweaver / 20 Wordpress and they are in a variety of locations in England, Wales, Scotland. If the location can be overcome I’d be delighted to take a look. Also - not a one man band.

(Hedley Wright) #4

Thanks Paul, I have messaged you.

(Hedley Wright) #5

Many thanks for your interest.