"Rapidweaver Failed To Load Some Plugins" notice everytime I start RW

I get this error message everytime I start RW ever since upgrading to a new MacBook Air M1 and Big Sur.

It says “Pluskit: Could not obtain Plugin Principle Class”

I checked my list of plugins and I don’t have Pluskit installed, it’s not on the list. So I have no idea what to do to get rid of this warning.

Any advice?

Thank you

Physically check your addons folder.

It’s probably not going to show up in the addons manager because it’s not loading, but because it’s in the addons folder, every time you launch RapidWeaver it’s going to try and load.

It’s not compatible with the new proprietary Apple chips.

You can also launch RapidWeaver using Rosetta and it should load and function fine.

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I did a search for pluskit and found it in an old project file of my current website. This is the original saved project. My current project is number 17 with that same project name.

So I’m guessing it is not being used in my current website, because the pluskit file is not in the current version of my site, but the original project which has been changed and saved as a copy many times now. is it safe to just delete these?

My current project file is called “Whitneys Orgin Website_17” and pluskit did not show up in that project in my search.

Make a copy of the project first, then delete the pluskit in the project.

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RapidWeaver shouldn’t be loading the plugins based on what project you opened or didn’t open.

The “Could not obtain Plugin Principle Class” is the message that you get when RapidWeaver tries to load a plugin at startup from the addons folder.

If you need any plugins that aren’t yet ready for the new Apple M1 chips then you need to run RapidWeaver under Rosetta.

If you are sure you don’t use PlusKit then you’ll need to physically delete the plugin from your addons folder.

If you don’t believe this close all projects, close RapidWeaver, and reopen RapidWeaver without any project open. You’ll still get the message.

As for when PlusKit will be ready for the new M1 chip (universal build) is a question that’s been asked multiple times without any answers from @isaiah .



Where is the plugins folder? How do I delete plus kit? I’m not using it. I checked and didn’t see it listed. There must be another folder somewhere.

The addons folder is where you’ll find it.

That can be placed anywhere you want to put it.

By default, it’s hidden in the library, I don’t remember exactly where.

It’s easy to find though, in the addons manager, there’s a button to reveal In finder.

Not at a Mac right now so I can’t give you a screenshot.

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I found it thank you! I just put it in the trash for now, and will wait to make sure my websites are all ok before emptying.

No more annoying pop up now! :slight_smile:

thanks for the help!

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