SiteMap Plus on M1 Silicon

On a new Macbook Pro with M1 silicon I installed Rosetta but this stack still will not load, any thoughts?

What message are you seeing?

RapidWeaver Failed to load some plugins
PluginName: Couldn’t obtain plugin principle class

Do you have the latest version of Sitemap Plus?

Are you sure you are launching RW with Rosetta?

Right click on the RapidWeaver Application, and select get info. RW should default to running without Rosetta since it will work fine. You should see a box that you will need to check that says “open using Rosetta”.

For universal apps only, the Info window includes the setting “Open using Rosetta”. This setting enables universal apps, such as web browsers or email apps, to use plug-ins, extensions and other add-ons that haven’t been updated to support Apple silicon. If a universal app doesn’t recognise an add-on you’ve installed for the app, you can close the app, select this setting and try again.
If you need to install Rosetta on your Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Others are running Sitemap+ with RW running under Rosetta without a problem.

That’s great thank you so much. I did not realise you had to explicitly tell an application to open using Rosetta.

All good now.

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