RapidWeaver for Beginners questions

A couple things. The assets you’ve posted for RapidWeaver for Beginners don’t include the 30 and 60 lorem ipsums.

Second thing - In Lesson 2 you show using the inspector on the contact form as a styled text field. When I bold and increase the font of the title it is not reflected in either preview. Also the additional text that I add below the title does not show up at all. Am I missing something simple or is Voyager (perhaps) not recognizing styled text in the inspector?



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Thank you very much!

Whoops, sorry about that. You can get some ipsum text from here http://www.lipsum.com

Make sure you tab out of the text field (click outside of it), and then preview. There’s a small bug in RW where the text will not be updated in preview if the text field has focus.

Not sure what you mean here, can you post a screenshot?

Well, this is happening in the Header of the “Customizable Text” section…

When I hit tab…it just tabs (i.e. it doesn’t exit the field).

Here’s a couple screen shots that illustrate the failing sequence:



Ah yes, sorry my mistake.

Don’t tab, click anywhere outside of the text box.

That will then ensure the preview is updated.

Nope, that’s what I was doing before. And now I get same result, i.e. it’s not working.

not sure what else to suggest.

Have you tried restarting RapidWeaver?

Yes, I’ve been in and out multiple times.

Apparently I’m unique in seeing this problem. Must be something else loaded in background…

Is it possible you are benefitting somehow by way of also having Voyager Pro?


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You could try showing us what you are doing. Quicktime offers a way for you to record your screen (with no sound) and you could post that video here.

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Thanks for the suggestion Robert. I have attached a link to a Quicktime screen capture. Let me know if you see anything I am neglecting. Appreciate it.


Attaching the link didn’t seem to work. Trying another way…https://www.dropbox.com/s/62wm2dw7zvx4kpz/ben_demo%20copy.mov?dl=0

OK, try clicking inside of the Footer text box, that should do the trick!

Thank you Ben! That got it.

New Question on same topic:

From Lesson 4…in my preview the site title doesn’t appear as it does in the video, i.e. About | Ben Counsell. What should I look for so that I can make it appear?

Also (maybe related)…my developer view is showing errors in the code. I have attached a screenshot. I have attached a file.

Any guidance?

Screenshot of Errors



Thank you for the video and for opening the topic. I had exactly same problem.