RapidWeaver has detected missing resources in this project RW8.3

I have started receiving this error this week “RapidWeaver has detected missing resources in this project” with about 50 missing resources. This only happens when I open the project file on my MacBook. It never happens when opened on my iMac. Any suggestions? RW8.3 with foundations and file stored on dropbox. Mac OS 10.14.6 on both computers. Thanks.

Are you using Stacks4 and “site images” stack instead of “images” stack?

Thanks for the reply. I have been using “image” stack that is a light blue colored icon from YourHead. My stacks version is 3.6.8 I do not see “site images” in my library?

OK… “Site image” stack is a new “built in” image stack that comes with Stacks 4. It was giving me some “missing resources” issues though it was no doubt something I did. I have a tremendous respect for Stacks and it’s developer (Isaiah) and there are tons of users so again, it was likely something on my particular install or use.

You say you are on Stacks 3.6.8 so that obviously has nothing to do with what you are seeing.

You say your iMac is fine. I can only suggest that you backup everything on your iMac and MBP (if not already) and then see if you can go to a Time Machine backup on your MBP that worked OK. Something may have gotten corrupted while dropbox was updating or similar.

I use Dropbox to store my projects also but when I actually work on a project I move it out of dropbox, do my work, then move it back into dropbox. Many many users will you that RW projects work perfectly fine from dropbox but I had problems early on (years ago) and I just got into the habit of not working RW projects from dropbox. (or any Cloud service).

Sorry I cannot offer definitive help. Perhaps others will have more to say…

Greg. Thank for the info. I like your suggestion with not working out of dropbox. I have had some very strange issues with dropbox getting stuck “locking up” while syncing my RW files this week. I need to try what you suggest.

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