Stability of RW8 with Catalina

I have a MacBook Pro with the latest version of Catalina. I am running RW 8 and Stacks 4. RW crashes frequently. Another annoying and time consuming problem. In my project are several pages that include images. RW or Stacks put the images into Resources as well as the page. It works for a while and then I get the messages.

  1. RW has missing resources and I need to resolve it.
  2. Site export failed. Could not write the company logo to the export file. The logo box under General is empty even though it has been added several times.
  3. Also in resources all the images have been replaced by a "? " with a circle around it. When I replaced the missing JPGs, I get messages that there is already a resource with that name.

I redid the whole thing and it worked for a while Then the same thing happened again. I have used “save” under edit and command + S to try to save the info but to no avail.

Just wondering if others have had a similar issue. Is this a Catalina compatibility issue or something within the RW / Stacks area?


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Just so you can get quicker help when Isaiah hops on, what (specific) version of Stacks and RapidWeaver are you using? Also, have you searched for other posts on the subject of Catalina? If not, how about giving that a go? There’s loads of great info.

I’m using RW Version 8.4.1 (20817) and Catalina 10.15 and it’s all pretty solid for me. I do get the occasional crash if I use undo too many times, but I think this is a long standing issue and not specifically a Catalina or RW 8 problem.

I am running
Catalina v 10.15
RW v 8.4.1 (20817)
Stacks v 4.03

I am off to read other posts.


I’m afraid I’m not sure what would cause a RW resource to fail to save correctly. Obviously there was a successful save at some point or the ? wouldn’t even be there.

Once Stacks hands these images over to RapidWeaver they are beyond my control.

This might be one for @tpbradley - perhaps he knows what conditions cause ? in the resources window.

I’m running the same configuration and I get RW quitting upon launch if I click that Update Add Ons thing that keeps appearing because of Carousel not being code signed. Other than that she’s stable. Working for hours no quitting, crashing etc.

I too wish I didn’t download Catalina every time I open rapid weaver it crashes immediately. I re open and sometimes it crashes again and then opens, from then on it’s reasonably stable, but on preview RW hangs on many occasions if you look at another page, but if you exit into edit mode and preview it’s normally ok. I wait about 30 seconds when I see the spinning thing and if its still spinning I force quit.
I just have to remember to save, it would be good if it did that automatically ,
cos when you hit the 70 mark the brain ain’t quite as quick, well mine isn’t unless I’m driving, then its a different world there are “screwdrivers" and “drivers”, Thankfully I’m a driver. But I won’t write a book…….

I’ve gone back to RW 8.3, which fixed the Preview crash for me. No other issues running Catalina 10.5.1. Older versions are available to download from the Release Notes page.

The Reasons for the lack of Autosave have been explained here on another thread Argh! Lost my work again! Why doesn't Rapidweaver autosave

I have been battling stopping RW 8.4.1 from crashing on save under OS 10.15.1 and have made some progress. I removed ALL stack add ons and still crashes on save. The source of the crashes seem to be plug ins, specifically Formloom 4 and Collage2.

I upgraded Formloom from 4.0.11 to .12 and this seems to have stopped formloom based crashes but with Collage2 2.5.0 latest version crashes regularly. I will be removing all pages that use Collage 2.

I was somewhat puzzled that when I click Check for Updates within the Stacks library it showed all stacks up to date, however the PLUG IN Formloom was an older version. Is there an obvious way to check latest version for plug ins?

I always thought it checked for updates on Plugins on startup. The stacks updates button is strictly for checking the stacks that have been added.

I noticed that I’m running Formloom 4.0.11 and have not gotten any notice of an update being available.

I’m pretty sure the update engine is part of RapidWeaver, but I don’t know what the vendor needs to do to trigger the update.

@Aaron @dan @tpbradley @yabdab Any ideas on what is going on?

I may be wrong, but if the plugin(s) are not Catalina compatible, then they cannot be loaded at all.

This means RapidWeaver cannot query the update URL associated with those plugins to see if an update is available. So, you need to go to the vendors web site, download the plugin and manually install current Catalina happy version.

Again, I may be wrong, but this is my theory on the topic.

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Is FormLoom 4.0.12 for Catalina only? I’m still on Mojave and am showing 4.0.11 as my version. If that’s correct then all maybe okay.

Yup, this is correct!

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But my question hasn’t been answered. I’m not on Catalina yet. If the vendor has an update, the example above @yabdab’s FormLoom seems to have an update to 4.0.12. Should Mojave NOT Catalina auto-update to the latest version?

If downloaded the latest version from the and it shows the last Mod date Nov 22, 2019. I’m assuming that’s the FormLoom 4.0.12 that’s Catalina Compatible. My RW8 under Mojave shows 4.0.11 Version Last mod Date Nov 15, 2019.

Shouldn’t the RapidWeaver auto-update update to the Catalina version even though I’m still on Mojave? That would make the upgrade to Catalina less traumatic.

4.0.12 has not been added to appcast yet, only sent out to a few for testing first.
Maybe that is your issue?


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