Manual supplied with RW?

Hi all,
Thinking of purchasing RW.
From main site it appears that there is no manual supplied with RW, more that you watch the supporting videos.
Is this correct and is this the most stupid question yet.
Newbie John

@bodecos, no stupid questions… There is no official “manual”, but there is a getting started guide here and an FAQ section here.

There are a tonne of Rapidweaver 6 video’s from the various developers for Themes, Plugins, Stacks and stacks. Just do a google search and you will find many tutorials.


If you would like a physical book, you can have a look at mine. It covers RapidWeaver 5. However, everything in the book is still relevant. Mostly, its just the screenshots that may look different.

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Didn’t know that it was still relevant @joeworkman, thanks for that! Are you going to make a new version for RW 7?


I do think that I will try to create a new version for RapidWeaver 7. Although I will probably try to self publish this time. We will see. I have so much on my plate to do in 2016 though. Not sure when I will be able to squeeze it in.


Yessir, understand completely, you are a very busy fellow for sure and thank you for all the hard work you do to support the community!


Thanks. By the end of 2016, I will have the website builder that I have always wanted… RapidWeaver + Stacks + Foundation + Total CMS + One-More-Surprise


Thanks to you all for the heads up.
Yes Joe I’ve seen your book advertised and it is on the to do list
My background is in data interrogation with SQL and on the AS400 mainly so ‘packages’ are a newish field for me. I’m not a stranger to Word/Excel/Power point and so on and am hoping that now retired I will make inroads into the ‘Real World’.
I am working through Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X and am coping so lets hope I can make the transition into DTP as well.
Thanks again to you all.

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Also, RealMac has promised an electronic manual soon. They’ve mentioned it more than once on the podcast. Might be a good idea to ask them when it’s going to appear…?

We’re still working on it - we had hoped to have it out by the end of the year, but it’s unlikely to make it at this point.

All the content of the previous manual is here, sections as per the old manual layout.



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If you’re a visual learner, there’s also Rapidweaver Classroom. I’ve used this amazing tool over the last several years to advance my knowledge in Rapidweaver. I highly recommend it.


Thanks for that. I’ve had a quick look on the site and it looks pretty cool.

One more question without starting a new thread concerns web hosts.
I see companies like e-host, site builder etc are offering free sites and domain names. Are they really free ? and for someone like me who has no great aspirations who would you go to.
Serif offers a pretty good deal surprisingly for instance.

In choosing a good hosting company I would make sure that it has what you may need for both now and you’re future needs. Don’t look strictly at price.
Things like:
What platform are they running (UNIX, Linux )
What web server do they use (Apache)
What version of PHP do they run
Do they support MYSQL

Some of the great deals offered charge extra for some services, so they aren’t such a great deal.

Another important thing is customer support, some only have self help, some have online chat and some also have phone support.


Make sure the host also has:
secure ftp access
https available
Some Plug-ins/stacks require php 5.6 or newer so make sure the host keeps their PHP version current as well as MySql.
Server up-time is also important, do they use a CDN (content distribution network), how often is it refreshed, you don’t want a week old website cached somewhere if you are working on it daily for instance.
What’s their back-up service options
Quite a few Dev’s here offer hosting packages specifically for RapidWeaver users, I have not used any of them yet but each around and you might find a good deal with one of the Dev’s. I don’t have a list of them though, sorry.

as well to what @teefers mentioned.