🎉 Live RapidWeaver Show this Friday — Ask us a question!

That’s right folks, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for: The RapidWeaver Show is back!

Let me say that again in case you didn’t hear me: The RapidWeaver Show is back!

@dan and I will be doing a live podcast / Q&A this Friday at the Weaver’s Space Online Conference.

Firstly, if you haven’t got a ticket yet, go and buy one now!

Once you have your ticket, make sure to join us this Friday 4th November at 8PM GMT / 1PM PCT / 7AM AEST

Also, if you have a question for us, you can either save for the live event, or you can ask it here and we’ll do our best to answer it on Friday :slight_smile:


Woohoo, I’m very much looking forward to it! :tada:

@ben Will the old jabostick be making an appearance on the show?

I don’t have any plans to call him up, but he’s an unpredictable character so you never know :wink:

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I will be following along but I may turn the live podcast into a drinking game, in which case, we may have to make @ben do an imitation of me. Ridiculous notion, I know, but I bet Ben is up to the task


Oooo, can I play? :wink:

I’m a man of the people so I’ll take suggestions. Some ideas to get us started:

  • Every time Dan talks about gluten-free / organic / ‘homeo-something, safe-space’ diet-related thing -> take a drink

  • Every time that they mention coffee -> take a drink

  • Every time they mispronounce a developer’s name -> take a drink

  • We can bet whether they like the new Macbook pros or not, and the losing side has to take a drink.

It’s possible we’ll all be passed out 7 minutes in.


(Only kidding, @dan)

Humm, That sounds like alot of work. Maybe I’ll just drink by default.:grin:

You’d better stock up on beers then :wink:


This may be my favorite post on the internet right now. :wink: