RapidWeaver on Big Sur

@dan @tpbradley It’s awesome to see RW9 coming to life! However, I am a bit nervous with the Big Sir release coming sometime next month. Could you help clarify a few questions for me…

Will RapidWeaver 8 continue to function on Big Sur. I have not seen any test builds for this. I have heard mixed reviews from users on how things are functioning in the beta. Will RW8 be officially supported on Big Sur?

I know that you plan on releasing RW9 around the time that Big Sur ships. From what I understand, because of the changes that RW9 brings under the hood, a compatible version of Stacks will not be ready in time. I know that many RW users do manage sites without Stacks. However, my guess is that there are an equal number or more users that rely on Stacks. If RW9 ships without a supported version of Stacks, users will be faced with a difficult choice; to defer upgrading to Big Sur or to upgrade to Big Sur and RW9 and lose access to Stacks. That will create a lot of negative sentiment among our shared customers.

I feel that there is almost always some sort of drama that happens with a new major version comes out. In the past, these where mostly petty technical glitches. However, I feel that this could really rock the boat a bit too much. And from what I have read on posts in this group, it could largely be avoided. I feel that this decision may put all of our businesses at risk. This is especially true if RW8 will not be supported on Big Sur. I would love to hear your feedback on this.

I too would like to hear what the plan is as well. A version of RW that doesn’t support Stacks would be a serious problem for everyone, users and developer alike.

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Okay, I know it’s been a while since the last update, so here goes…

The current plan is to release RW 8.7 for Big Sur to make sure everyone can continue Weaving.

I think RapidWeaver 9 is going to be pushed back until we work out the best way forward to make sure we have Stacks compatibility on day one.

I’ll update you further as things progress!

In the meantime let me know if you have any more questions :+1:



This sounds very reasonable. Aside from a smoother transition to Big Sur support, I also think it also affords RapidWeaver the opportunity to get the bugs in RW 9 all ironed out in the alphas and betas before release, and maybe even work the new features you all had planned for it back in. Just my perspective.

I think a lot of users will probably feel similarly.

That sound good. Cheers Dan!

Best possible answer… thank you!