Rapidweaver podcast via Overcast


I use Overcast to listen to podcasts on my iOS device. After downloading the Rapidweaver 1st podcast and enjoying it, I downloaded the rest of the available podcasts. Unfortunately, I have not bean successful attempting to listen to these additional podcasts. Hitting the play button on a show appears to ready to play but then immediately goes back to the play button, as if the show has ended. This is with Overcast version 2. This symptom has not affected any other of my dozen podcasts I listen to. I am able to successfully download and listen on the Overcast backend and with the podcast app on my iOS device (iPhone 5s, latest).
My deletion and re-subscribing & downloading of the Rapdweaver podcast hasn’t rectified the issue. I’ve not received any response from the Overcast developer.

Anyone else able to successfully listen to the Rapidweaver Podcasts using Overcast?

We’ll take a look. I can reproduce this here, but it’s entirely out of our hands (and likely something Marco, the developer of Overcast, would need to address). If you’re on Twitter, you could try asking for help from OvercastFM and MarcoArment.


Thanks. Suspected, but was looking for verification. Perhaps something in the metadata the Overcast app doesn’t like? Not a twitter guy. Guess I should look into that…

There is an email address, but the developer does state that he can’t guarantee a reply…

Tap the Overcast icon in the top left -> “Send Feedback”.


Thanks. Yes, I’ve already sent off an email to Marco, earlier in the week. (Monday).

Sorry, I should have remembered that. Just thinking of extra ways to help bump this.


I had the same sort of problem using Apple’s Podcasts on iPhone and Ipad.
The Podcast was downloaded, but when playing : no sound, the progress bar does not move. I had to erase them then redownload them.
On iPad, it even crashed the app. But my iPad is old and unstable. After that I did a clean install, but use Podcast on my iPhone now.

Same issue here on Overcast. Deleted and redownloaded it and still will not play.

After doing a little research, it appears to be a known issue with Overcast. We’ll look to work around it, but might be worth using a different app in the meantime!


Overcast update in the App Store now, “Fixes for streaming and certain m4a files”.

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