The RapidWeaver Show

In the coming weeks we’re going to be publishing a weekly (maybe bi-weekly, we’ll see how we go) podcast about RapidWeaver!

Here’s a broad outline of things we’ll be covering:

  • Behind the scenes discussion on RW development
  • Tips & tricks
  • Best practices
  • Latest add ons (stacks, themes, plugins)
  • Developer interviews

I’d love to hear what you think, is this something you’d find interesting or useful? Let me know.

Happy Weaving!


Sounds a great idea. I’m looking forward to it.

Sounds good in principle but I can’t remember the last time i listened to a podcast

Will it be audio only or video?

It’ll be Audio only for now :smile:

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Oh my gosh YES!!

I listen to podcasts when I’m working, a video podcast will be excellent as well (I’d minimize your video while working)I think this is wonderful news. I registered to this forum just to say this is an excellent idea :exclamation:
I want to learn everything RW. I think it will be an excellence resource. Can you tell I’m excited? :wink:

Very useful!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great! And a vote for video. :wink:

I think it sounds like a great idea. The more communication/hints/tips/steers we get from the people who develop our favourite web design app, the better.


We’re recording the first podcast this week :smile:

If you have a question you want answered, ask it here and we’ll see if we can answer it on the show.

We’ve just recorded the first episode of the RapidWeaver Show. Fingers crossed it should be online in the next day or so.

Stay Tuned!

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The first episode of The RapidWeaver Show is now online!

You’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes soon (we’re waiting for our podcast to be approved), but until then you can listen to the show on the The RapidWeaver Show page.

This is our first attempt at recording a podcast, so let us know what you think :smile:

Just a suggestion but how about adding an RSS feed to the podcasts page on the site.

There goes my day job:
This morning I’ve already watched Isaiah’s Stacks 3 video, JW’s Foundation update, and now I’ve come across this.
I’m going to get f… all done in the furniture trade today, maybe I should take up web development!

We’re also after some questions for episode 2, so if you’d like something answered on the next show, please ask away… :smile:

We’ll be add RSS soon, and you’ll be able to subscribe in iTunes soon!

It’d be nice to have a volume control on it. I hate having to change the system volume.

@peterdanckwerts seems like the volume is a little low on the recording, we’ll make sure the next one is better. Sorry about that!

Also I know what you mean about changing the system volume, it’s such a chore, right? :wink:

I actually found it too high. I tripped over my headphone cable several years ago and the jack broke off in the socket so I can only hear through USB headphones.

Doh! hmm, that’s interesting.