Podcast episode 25

Hi All, i have just listened to podcast 25, if i may make a few comments :-1:

Firstly not all the links in the Show Notes work, particularly the links to the newly released Themes .

As regards the Automatic updating of Themes, why on earth don’t all the developers follow the route to WATERFALL ???

I guess i am a bit slow, but i have only just discovered that i can speed up the Podcast, which is a damned good idea, but has it been there all the time ? or has it recently been added ? Speeding up the Podcast commentary does help to overcome the,** IMHO**, the unnecessary chat, giggling and music, it really is awful. Furthermore, in contrast to the opinion of the commentators, i would definitely tell them to there face, if ever i was to meet them face to face !!_ (highly unlikely)_

But in general i do enjoy the Podcasts, they would be a lot shorter, if the silly chat and music was removed. But that is simply MY HUMBLE OPINION.

Last but not least, I notice you still havent fixed the Show Note Links, I dont always remember to press COMMAND and Click !


My aggregator (Downcast) didn’t find an episode for this week (January 28). Is that correct, please?

“IMHO”… The chat, giggling and music is what I listen for.
Would be boring as bat shit without it.

Agree wholeheartedly about the Waterfall updates. (As far as I can see, not even RM have themes compatible with this…??)

Giggle on guys!

Cheers for your chat.


Why being so rude?

IMHO, if you do not like the social talk between Dan and Ben, don’t listen to the podcast. That is the main reason I am looking forward to every Thursday. And I guess that is the opinion of most of the listeners. What is life without laughing?

And hey, it is episode 25. If you still didn’t get that you have to press command while clicking the link… Sorry about that. Why don’t you open 2 browser tabs? Or open iTunes to listen to it, there you are able to speed up also.

Dan, Ben: keep going on, you are great :slightly_smiling:


Fair Comment Lads and Lasses, i was simply giving you my Humble Opinion, i dont doubt i will still listen.

The reason i mentioned the “Show Notes Links”, was, because i had been reliably told on at least two previous occasions that it would be fixed !!! and why at least two links that go nowhere ? @dan and @ben

Fortunately @bitbumpy is in agreement with me over the Waterfall fiasco :wink:


I don’t agree about calling Waterfall a fiasco. That plugin works well for me, so technically I cannot say that it is a fiasco.
Maybe it depends on the themes you purchased. The themes I purchased from Themeflood, 1LD, Weaverthemes, Nimblehost, SeyDesign, Henk Vrieselaar and Archetypon are all Waterfall enabled.
On the other hand, themes of MultiThemes and Nick Cates are not. For me personally however, it is working well enough.
Why the latter two (and others) did not jump the wagon? I don’t know. At least MultiThemes sends me update emails.

Regarding the chat and giggling and so on. I don’t like that very much for a technical show, but different people have different tastes and you cannot make everybody a jolly listener. I find it hard to filter the technical aspects from the jolly parts, especially if they are intertwined.
So be it. It is their way of making a show and I respect that, but I’m afraid they lost me at about episode 7. However, I might pick it up some day, because the subjects of the next episodes look interesting.
Just need a good filter :wink:

Just my € 0,02


Was there a podcast this week, please? DownCast hasn’t detected one? Thanks!


howzat @MarkSealey


Thanks, Tim - my feed has been http://realmacsoftware.libsyn.com/rss up to now. Changed?

Yes, we have moved to another podcast provider.

I don’t know how Downcast works, but most podcast apps use the iTunes feed (which we can control), however it seems to have subscribed directly to rss feed on libsyn (which is the old service we were using).

You should subscribe to the iTunes feed, as that will detect any changes we make, and keep you updated.

We can’t be that bad if you’re still listening after 26 episodes.

The show would be rather boring if we were to cut all the music and chat. You’d prefer we just read out some news items and said goodbye? :disappointed:

@ben cheers for your reply, i agree with you, i am still listening, although i havent listened to all of the episodes yet.
DO please keep up the good work, just as you are, and dont take too much notice of me, you must think i am a miserable old sod with nothing better to do, than sit about all day complaining LOL
I do hope i dont come over like that ???


Thanks, Ben! Yes, I have found that the most reliable way to subscribe in DownCast is to let it find the feed by entering, in this case, ‘RapidWeaver Show’. It searches whatever it has to, finds it and I subscribe.

I’ve changed it now.