Rapidweaver Publishing Errors

I’m using:

  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Rapidweaver 8.6.2
  • Royale 8
  • Formloom4

When I publish an email page using Formloom4 all i get is a page with the code of the page. What went wrong?

Something may have not been published. Try re-publishing all files from the RW menu. You may want to empty your browser cache or use anther browser as well as that might be a factor.

Not working. The page beginns with “<?php”

Do you have a link to the published page?

I have a similar problem when using “HTML Contact Form”: the page is exported but the email isn’t delivered

Yes, I have a link

Can you post it here? Hard for people here to help any further without seeing the page.

@luisdamas We are assuming you are publishing your site to a specific domain. For example: luispalma.com

We are further assuming there’s a specific page where the contact form is on. E.g. luispalma.com/contact

… if you are unsure what @thang is talking about then perhaps you have not published to a specific domain. Perhaps you are testing via a preview. Or exporting to your hard drive. Contact forms won’t really work under both of those situations.

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Does your hosting service support php in version 7.2 or higher? Just check with them or perhaps you can set this yourself in the admin panel for the hoster

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Sorry for the delay.
I’m in Portugal. The forum just allowed me to post one at a time because I’m a new user.


  • I have cleaned all the old files from the server before this last publishing;
  • I’ve changed the php version from 5.6 to 7.4.


  • the page supported by “HTML Contact Form” (Psicologia) is working fine;
  • the page supported by “Formloom4” (Pediatria) appears ok but gives an error and the email is not delivered.

I’m using Rapidweaver since 2006 and I’ve never been able to use the “Contact Form” page, that’s why I bought this 2 options that I’m trying to use now. I’m really interested on Formloom4 working.

My site is http://www.clinicadamas.pt/

Thanks for your precious help

Jan Fuellemann via RapidWeaver Forums <announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com> escreveu no dia domingo, 18/10/2020 à(s) 08:09:

@luisdamas It looks like your contact page is HTML. I believe with all your approaches it needs to be a PHP page. I was testing:

The page that isn’t working is this one http://www.clinicadamas.pt/contactarpediatria/contactarpediatria.php

Mathew Mitchell via RapidWeaver Forums <announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com> escreveu no dia domingo, 18/10/2020 à(s) 15:20:

It tells me the from address is not correctly specified. Now it is time for @yabdab to have a look :slight_smile:

Ok. How can I fixe it.

Jan Fuellemann via RapidWeaver Forums <announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com> escreveu no dia domingo, 18/10/2020 à(s) 15:50:

Hi @luisdamas

Formloom is spitting out this fail message:
The value of the From Email ( ) is not a valid email address.",“required”:[],“redirect”:0,“redirect_url”:""}

It looks like you don’t have the from email set in FormLoom properly and maybe other settings as well.


Can I send to you the original Rapidweaver file?

Bill via RapidWeaver Forums <announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com> escreveu no dia domingo, 18/10/2020 à(s) 18:08:

Probably easier if you post a screenshot of your settings in FormLoom, as I don’t have it, but it is obviously something not being set in the stack settings.


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