Republish All Site Files After Update

Just updated to RW 8.3 and Stacks 4 updated as well. Forgive me as this is probably a pretty basic question, but, beyond the visual design I’m lost. I have always - since my beginning days with RW many moons ago - used Transmit for my publishing uploads and am very happy with it, never any issues. Since RW 8.3 I would assume makes some substantial changes to the background code, do I need to do a complete republish of my site to the server? I generally synchronize. It’s a very large sites and I’m nervous about “breaking” anything. Will synchronizing make the necessary changes to keep all in tact or is a republish of the whole site safer? Thank you

After a big upgrade it’s generally safest to do a completely republish. RW is pretty good at noticing changes, even subtle stuff, but if it’s a business site (and I know it is) then why take the risk.

Hit republish all and go make a fresh pot of coffee or have a walk around the block – or whatever your favorite relaxing thing is to do for 30 minutes. Then you can rest assured that every last details made it up to the server.

Makes sense, thank you for your help and patience :slight_smile:!

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