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I recently stumbled upon another a rival web development application for the Mac entitled ‘Blocs’. In the little research that I have done it does look rather impressive. I particularly like the partnering application entitled ‘Solis’ that claims to deliver real time, multi viewport previewing of HTML, CSS, SCSS. Has anyone had any experience of these two applications ? Are they serious contenders to Rapidweaver ?

A quick search on the forum will bring you here - RapidWeaver vs Blocs app?

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Thanks @robbeattie. Very interesting read. 12 months on from Rapidweaver 8 I would be curious to see/hear what new features Blocs have made available together any news on Rapidweaver 9.

The separate application Solis does what the built-in RapidWeaver simulator does.

Might be better to ask that on the bloc’s forum, they would be much more familiar with blocs.


Hi @teefers I notice that a number of Rapidweaver users are also on the Bloc Forum and hence why I was hoping to hear from their own personal user experience :slight_smile:

Why not ask over on that forum then?

This forum is supposed to be about Rapidweaver, it’s the “official” Rapidweaver forum.


Will do @teefers

This might be fun to watch … I can see @DinkyPixel going to the Blocs forum asking about comparisons to Rapidweaver and someone telling him to go Rapidweaver forum :wink:

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