RapidWeaver under macOS Sierra supports tabs!

Very handy if you have multiple documents open!

Watch a gif of it in action here: Screen Capture on 2016-09-14 at 17-43-18.gif - Droplr


That is very good news. Quick question, is it possible to still have a new window if you want??

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Oh that is great. But, if possible, please make sure that the export modal window does not block from switching to another tab.


It’s part of macOS Sierra, we essentially got it for “free”. It’s optional so you don’t have to have your windows in tabs.

It currently does block the rest of the UI when you publish, but it’s probably something we can look at improving in the future.


For those who may be a bit confused you can access the tab bar by going to View > Show Tab Bar.

I thought this was great news when I saw this post, so I had to go try it out for myself. I cannot get it to work. I have a project file open in one tab, create another tab and then try to open a project in this new tab, and instead it opens the project in the first tab. Without fail!

What am I doing wrong?

Just use the “Merge All Windows” option in the Window menu.