Open RapidWeaver in new tab

Can anyone tell me how to open a second RW project in a new tab instead of opening up a new window?

Command-T should work, at least it did in 7, have not tried it in 8 yet.

Edit - Command-T does not work for me in 8.0.3, but if you go to view and show Tab Bar then click on the plus in the tab bar that works

It does open a new tab but when I go to open recents it still opens the project in a new window instead of a new tab? How do I get it to open the project in a new tab?

Not sure it is possible to do this, but you can drag and drop tabs like in Safari or in the Finder. See here:

Yes I knew you could do that, but before I upgraded my MacBook Pro I could load a project then load another project in a tab, then load a third project in another tab and so forth. Now I can’t do that, it just loads a new window every time. Stumped in Montana.

If you perfer tabs in all Applications you can set that. That’s they way I have it and when I “open recent” in RapidWeaver it opens in a tab not a window.


That did the trick…Thank you so much!!

Sweet, nice tip Doug.

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