Rapidweaver6 Preview of Exported Site (links/menu) Not Working


Im not sure if this is a rapidweaver6.08 - 6.3 problem or browser problem.

When i export a file (any theme) to view in a Yosemite browser i can open the main page but if i click on a link, it goes to a file directory view of the linked page.

This only happens with RW6. RW5 is fine. If the site is made in RW5 and opened in RW6 it works fine which indicates a RW6 problem

The only way I can review my exported site in RW6 is to upload it to my server where it works fine but this is not a workable solution.

Am I the only one with this problem?

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This is because, when exported to a local folder, you’re using the “Tidy Links” option - and because your local folder is not configured to behave like a web server, it doesn’t know to route you to index.html in the folder when given the /page0/ URL. If you set up something such as MAMP to configure a local HTTP server, this will ensure things preview for you :smile:


Yosemite comes with a built in webserver, not easy to configure and didn’t work that well for me. Just installed MAMP - works a treat, thanks @nikf for the tip off.

My pleasure @DaveFox :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying nik.

Where is Tidy Links configured in RW6?


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