Re-building website with stacks

Im re-building my website with a responsive theme (Kiki) using stacks instead of blocks as Ive have been told that this will be better to make it more responsive. However I have a lot of photos I need to transfer over but I see in the dialogue box for images in stacks it says drop and image here. This could take for ever! Is there no way I can simple copy and paste?

Afraid not. The only alternative is to ‘warehouse’ your images - basically copy them to your web server - and then use a warehouse image stack to ‘point’ to each picture in turn. If their file names lend themselves to this then that might be a quicker way of doing it. If not, then it’ll probably take just as long I’m afraid.


Thanks Rob. Just as I thought-oh well it’ll keep me busy lol

Use it as an excuse to tdiy things up, reduce photos sizes, introduce better organisation…try and turn it into a positive thing. :sunglasses:

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Tangential: Using a responsive theme makes it
“More responsive” –in what way?

Responsive means that the page will dynamically respond (i.e. Resize elements) depending on the size of browser window.

Ultimately this means you can present a pleasing but differently laid out version of your site on a mobile device as well as on tablets and desktop browsers.

I think the issue is that the ‘Blocks’ plug-in is not responsive whereas Stacks is. If you use Blocks in a responsive theme you’ll end up with chunks that don’t fit on mobile screens - not good