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I have a site that I designed using Blocks plugin in RapidWeaver 6… When I test the site on different computers the site is not able to scale and parts of the site get cut off…

Has anyone had any luck figuring out a javascript or css that was able to make the block design responsive to the size of the users browser screen?

Thank you for any help.

(scott williams) #2

Maybe @isaiah will jump in here, but if I remember correctly, blocks was designed for static sized sites before responsive design was the norm. May be best to rebuild with stacks.

(Markus Frieauff ) #3

Hate to disappoint you, but: forget it. Blocks is based heavily on absolute positioning, on converting text into images in order to make it display as entered and on JS. Yesterday’s hero.

(Isaiah Carew) #4

Responsive Blocks is called Stacks.


Blocks was designed as a rigid fixed layout system (similar to iWeb) – but that sort of layout has obvious disadvantages when things need to be responsive.

As soon as the iPhone was released this became pretty obvious to me… I started working on Stacks pretty much the day after I bought my original iPhone. Stacks launched about a year later.

We keep Blocks around because it’s still is useful for building certain types of pages and there are a few folks that need exactly that.

But if you’re building a whole site – which on today’s web really really should be responsive – then you should build it in Stacks or other responsive page-styles, with a nice responsive theme.


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