Re:- CSS tutorial in the Show Notes

Hi i just watched the very informative CSS Tutorial by Adam Shiver in the show notes of the latest pod cast.
I now fully appreciate the Web Developer Tool a lot more :smile:
My only query, probably because i am a beginner, CSS that i have added to a project only works correctly when put in the “Page Sidebar”
Whereas Adam put his CSS in the “Meta Tags & HTML Code” and it worked.
Please, what is the criteria that dictates where CSS should go ?

Thanks, Tim

Check out shows 3 & 5 here…

You may learn some more. I have not watched Adam’s video yet. I am sure there will be some overlap. But repetition is key with this stuff. Every time you see it, a little bit more sticks!


Thank You Joe, I will do that, thanks


It could be a number of issues (as we mention on the podcasts CSS is a vast world, and can become complex very quickly), my first guess would be that your CSS is being overridden by the theme.

Try using a more specific CSS selector (such as #parent-id .class-name) and seeing if that works.

If you want it site-wide add it to the “Meta Tags & HTML Code”.

If you only want it on one page, add it to the Page Inspector’s CSS tab.

Than you @ben (and @joeworkman that is all much clearer now and with the Videos i do believe i have learnt enough to crack on with more confidence :wink: