Suggest a topic for the show

(ben) #1

Hi guys,

As we mentioned in Episode 3, we’re going to be covering some common web related topics on the show.

The idea is that you suggest a topic you’re either struggling with or something you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll discuss it in-depth on the show.

Ideas for topics:

  • How can I speed up my RapidWeaver site?
  • What’s the best way to …
  • Does RapidWeaver allow me to …

Post your topic suggestions here and we’ll cover them on the show :slight_smile:

(Mark Sealey) #2

Thanks - and well done for these!

• choosing Themes
• a ‘Beginner’s corner’
• the three levels (external file, header, in-line) at which CSS operates; and how to apply custom CSS

Good luck!

(Paul Russam) #3

Here’s a few ideas.

  • How to use the inspector in Safari, Chrome and Firefox to diagnose problems.
  • How to do the same to find the appropriate CSS setting to change a particular aspect of an element and then how to enter it in RW.
  • How to manually change a CSS value in the browser to test the change.
  • Good file naming/ folder organisation of the project and source material.
  • Project and source material backup suggestions.
  • When to use jpg, png, svg
  • Good companion software for RW eg Imageoptim, Afinity Designer/Photo etc.
  • How to remove the formatting from a supplied word doc or similar (I paste it into text editor set to remove formatting and then recopy it before pasting it into RW)

(ben) #4

Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll try and answer them in next couple of episodes :smile:

(Rob Beattie) #5

Styles. I’d love to understand Styles better than I do. They seem to make more sense in RW6 but I still think I’m missing some tricks.

(ben) #6

I’m hoping to get a screenshot recorded for this, as it’s quite a complicated topic and I think video would work better than trying to describe how everything works on a podcast!

(ben) #7

@PaulRussam we answer a couple of your questions on this weeks show. Have a listen, hopefully our answers help you out a bit :smile:

(Ric) #8

Explain to the masses the benefits of warehousing images and why we should all be doing it!
Add a bit of pizzazz by doing it in a Purple Bricks style where Ben extols the virtues of warehousing yet has a hard time explaining it to the other one, (can’t think if his name at the moment), who is stuck with his ‘drag and drop into project’ ways!

(ben) #9

what do you mean by “warehousing images”?

(Ric) #10

Sorry Ben, I got that the wrong way around.
Obviously Dan (the name came to me) should be the one extolling the virtues!

(Ric) #11

( ) #12

@ben I think a podcast talking about design and best (design) practices with RapidWeaver would be beneficial. Ex. topics: Content balance (text/imagery/videos); using color schemes; when to use animations; and perhaps, tips on creating a successful homepage. You could invite Nick Cates, @elixir, or some of the other theme devs.

Next, I think there should be an episode on SEO in RW. I’d be willing to offer tips/tricks that are most beneficial.

(ben) #13

OK, I think I know what you’re talking about now… I think you talking about storing images on a server, and referencing them using the full URL, rather than dropping them into RW. Correct?

(Mark Sealey) #14

Since there are so many areas that we’d all like to hear covered, and since you’re only human, would a poll on the site (or here) be a good idea - so that you can judge those topics which respondents would find most useful?

Thanks so mich for the work you put into all this!

(Ric) #15

I find it an invaluable way to handle images on larger sites and it has many advantages.
I do remember the concept being a little daunting at first (it seems so simple now) and I’d suggest it might be a topic worth covering.

(ben) #16

thanks again for all the suggestions :smile:

We’re deciding what we’ll cover next week, so if you have an idea for a topic let us know!