Re-publish all files glitch?

A weird thing just happened. I had made a lot of changes to the site I’m working on and had been deleting orphan files and folders directly through FTP, so decided to republish all files through RW. That done, as I keep a local export copy, I republished all the files there as well. When I switched back from local export to the server publishing setting every page was marked for republishing, even though I had just done that before doing the local republish. Sure enough, when I clicked Publish, RW republished all the files again. I then loaded a small test project and the same thing happened.

No damage done but a bit frustrating as I always worry that a full republish will not complete. Has anybody else noticed this behaviour? [RW 7.1.7: El Capitan 10.11.6]

@Kilburnlad i just experienced the same thing after updating RW the other day. I made a minor change and the entire website is published (whereas previously only a few files would be published after a minor change).

This always happens to me after I export locally. Thought it was just normal. Would be nice if it didn’t happen, though :slight_smile: