RW7.2.2 publishing all files every time

Every time I add a new page to my site, after export RW7 (Version 7.2.2) starts to upload via FTP ALL files to my server.

In older versions, RW only uploaded the new files. As I have a fairly large site and a very slow broadband connection, this is getting a bit frustrating. Is there a way of reverting to the former system where - although a full export takes place - only amended and/or new files are uploaded?

(I have managed a “work around” where I mark all pages as “unchanged” and only mark the new or amended pages as “changed” meaning that only those pages are exported/uploaded but I fear this may cause future problems…).

If you add a new page then all files are changed because the navigational structure has changed. RW should publish changes to all files impacted: which is all files. However, this should still be much less than republishing all content (which uploads everything on every page).


Thanks for your reply. I understand the basic concept but this appears to be a relatively new development. In the past, although all files have been exported prior to publishing, only new content has been uploaded. Now ALL content is being uploaded every time…

Do you literally mean the result is the same as if you chose Re-Publish All Files? If so, that’s bad. It’s a quirk, or unique setup in your situation, or a bug. If that’s the case why not revert back downwards to an earlier version:

Yes - that’s exactly what’s happening. Thanks for the tip - although I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that there might be a less dramatic solution! :slight_smile:

Ugh. Sorry about this bug for you. But it should not be a very traumatic transition to go from 7.2.2 back to 7.2.1. (Unless, of course, one of the bugs fixed in that last upgrade made a big difference for you.)

FWIW, Same issue here. So he’s not the Lone Ranger.
My site is pretty tiny as I gutted it & am experimenting, so its not a big deal for me at the moment.

And backups, though set for Once-A-Week, are uploaded every time.
Cancelling them takes nearly as long as accepting them.

So I added a Facebook button to all my pages, why does RW7 have to upload all the mp3 files etc etc, when only page code was changed, no content- No changes to navigation - very odd, and annoying when out and about on a laptop cafe link…surely RW should be smart enough by now?