Feature request for Email Stack s- Link URLs

(Jay Casler) #1


Could you please add an option to the Link URL item in inspectors to be able to toggle on an “open in new window” property, ie “target=_blank”. I know it doesn’t matter when the content is being read in an email reader but for customers who prefer to read the emails in a web browser (and for testing) it would be great to have the links auto open in a new tab. When I code a link in a text object I code it this way manually but most of the links on my emails are attached to images.


(Jason Bostick) #2

FYI that Joe has his own setup at https://community.weavers.space including a space for Email discussions.
I know the Workman team checks in here fairly regularly but stuff specific to Joe’s products might be seen by them more quickly in those spots.

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