Cheers to the Realmac Team

My favorite part about being a RW user is the sense of community that comes with it. The theme/Stack developers feel less like companies that I buy from, but rather friends that I support.

I know we’ve all had our struggles lately with RW stability, but I want to drop a note of appreciation to our good friends at Realmac. I can tell from all of the posts and the frequency of bug fixes that they’re trying earnestly to make it right. I’m sure they are feeling the pressure, so I wanted to share a note of encouragement!

Keep up the good works, guys!

If you’re having difficultly, hang out at the last release that worked for you and give these guys some breathing room.

Please feel free to add your own note of encouragement below for Team Realmac!


Ditto…from Massachusetts. I have not had any issues to speak of and have really enjoyed working with RW 7. I have 4 sites all running quite well.


I agree, too. Just wish there wasn’t the 20 character minimum!


I’ve been using RW for about 6 years now. It has its issues but its still the best app for creating websites. RW 7.1.6 was crashing so I got back to 7.1.5 but he issue was acknowledged and fixed within 24 hours. Perhaps you do not always reply to support emails but it’s good to know you are actively working on the app development.
Great work guys!


Agree about the RealMac Team and the great support they provide. Keep on keeping on …


Agree and good advise!


I also want to express my appreciation for your dedicated work to make RW ‘fly high’. Version 7 is really such a big improvement, it is great to use. I had problems with the preview/export bug, but you solved that pretty quick - thanks a lot!

Shalom from Austria.