Rebuilding website help please

I’m rebuilding websites because of lost files. I have two done. Tedious. The websites are still live. I’m using files I downloaded from server. On the one I’m doing now, there are quite a few pages and about 25 blog post to recreate. My question to everyone is: If I do a few pages, and publish, will those pages that are live still be seen or will the publish wipe out there visibility?

With regard to pages, normal pages, RW will OVERWRITE what it is publishing if the files exist on the server.

If what is on the server is NOT in RW, RW will NOT delete the server content.

Not sure what happens with a blog though, but I believe it is additive.

There are a couple of pages that need updating fast. What I’m hoping to do is update them and publish.
My hope is that the links on the rebuilt pages will still lead to the ones not rebuilt yet that are still on the server. Did I say that right? Am I thinking right?

If the pages are in the same place as before, and you have them defined in your RW project as before, the links should be fine. I would selectively publish pages though - and not use the “publish” button…

Would you please define.

Right-click and choose publish…

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about the Right Click Publish. I just made a change to a couple of pages on a site that is completed. It looks like only changes on the page I right click published were made.
You’re awesome. Thanks

I dunno about awesome - just trying to be a little bit helpful. :wink: