Advice for publishing a V.2 (full update) of my website

Hi everyone,

I’m an intermediate RW solo-user planning to publish a full update of my website soon. I’ve done incremental updates over the past 3 years, but with major updates to RW, Stacks, and some key Stacks (namely RWML) a FULL update and re-publish is in order.

My questions for you all:

  1. What process should I follow once I’m ready to hit publish? (Do I back up and delete all the files from my web host’s server, then publish clean?)

  2. Are there any common concerns to watch out for?

  3. A little off RW topics, but if anyone wants to also shed light on tips to retain Google indexing / SEO and stuff, I’d welcome any tips too!

Thanks in advance!


People have different approaches to situations like yours. It depends whether a website is a personal one or made for a paying customer. Obviously, it also depends on site’s complexity.


  1. Yes, back up everything within your ‘public_html’ space on server. Then, delete everything that was previously added by RapidWeaver.
  2. Make sure that you don’t delete anything else. Then, re-publish all files or export locally and upload manually with a FTP app.
  3. As for SEO stuff, that concern may vary by site and be dependent on specific use.

I’m sure others will have more suggestions for you…

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