RW6 doesn't save document on manual save


I’m a long-time RW user (since RW4) but I’ve recently encountered problems where changes I save in RW6 disappear when I exit then reload the document. This is frustrating because I’ve lost many hours of work this way in the last few days. I remember that this was an issue when RW6 first came out and was related to the auto-save feature which I now have disabled.

There’s no obvious error message suggesting that the document hasn’t been saved, and the file time stamps appear to be getting updated.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a way around it?


Hi Andrew, I’ve only been using RW since 5.2 but have never encountered this problem. I am now using the latest RW6. Sometimes I save the project file before I quit RW and sometimes I close the file and get the message asking me if I want to save it first. I generally save under the same file name for several weeks and then save in a new file name. I am on a late 2013 Macbook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.2 if that’s of any help.



I’m pretty much the same as @bpequine, no issues here.

Might I ask where you are opening and saving the project to (Locally, remote drive, dropbox, iCloud)?

If you can’t get this sorted, please send a link to the project file (zipped via dropbox or iCloud) to


Thanks Mary and Brad

I’m guessing that the problem isn’t too common, otherwise there would be lots more complaints or queries about it. I’ve been fine saving up until now … although that honest truth is that I hadn’t used RW much these last six months. The issue really only started now (I briefly had the issue in late 2014 after RW6 upgrade but it went away after one of the patches also released at the time). I recently upgraded to the latest version (6.3.7) although am on an older 2010 MBP and Yosemite. Project files are always saved locally.

I’ve created a separate RW file that I’m now saving into … although it still exhibits the same issue. Copying and pasting my updated text into Notepad at least gives me a backup in the meantime in the event my text gets lost.

Back when RW6 first came out, many of the upgrade problems seemed to relate to out of date plugins, stacks, and themes. I’ll try bringing these up to date also to see if it helps. If not, I’ll try through Realmac Support as you suggest.


Hi, I have been experiencing a similar problem. I’ve used RW since 2006 (I think about version 2) and have never had this problem before. I only upgraded to RW6 a few months ago on a 2012 Macbook Pro with Yosemite. I’ve observed that RW6 no longer saves automatically before publishing (WHY??) so I save manually, however even doing that is no guarantee that the file will save. Saving on close is very dangerous and I also get frequent crashes when republishing all files. I think I’ll try “save as” to be on the safe side until RW sort this out. It’s a great app when it behaves itself but there are lots of fragilities probably due to its requirement for a very high hardware spec.


Same problem. RW6 latest version, El Capital default installation.
Yesterday’s hours of work lost, despite my as usual frequently manually save and save as.
The autosave with versions doesn’t work either.
I have done a repair disc check.

In the hope that RW is capable of saving text once, henceforth I am going to prepare the content in another app and copy and paste to RW only for publishing.