RW6 Not Saving Changes

Hello Again.

Next problem … after FINALLY getting the Publishing going, the changes I make are not being saved. I do re-publish all files. Have checked setting with Inspector – made changes to be sure the NEW theme was highlighted, etc. Nope. Keeps publishing my old site version. I even renamed this one but … not happening.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Check to see if you have both .html and .php versions of your index file on your server.

I fiddled around more and moved it all to a “Project” (never had to do that in RW5). It did finally load up with the new theme; however, now I cannot get the PDF links to work. I have them in Resources but … The theme I am using is “Business”.

I had a problem with changes not being saved a few versions ago. Basically, if you saved while being on the page you edited, the edits were never saved. It was maddening, as one develops the tic of constantly saving to avoid lost work. The fix was to navigate to a page where no edits were made, and then do the save file. I found this workaround buried somewhere in the forums here. Good luck.

Thanks Sassafras. I’ll try that. So far, I’ve had to Save, Close, and then Reopen. Sigh.

The bug is back again with 6.4. Anyone else seeing this?

Is this my cue to upgrade to v7?